Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jinju University of Education

Jinju University of Education CUE English Program ..... DON'T work for them! We once again had a fight at work, they are making us move out of our apartment tomorrow by noon, so that they can move us into a place that is free for the remaining 3 weeks that we are here.  I am very angry right now.  They tried to move us into the dormitory which won't allow our dog and told us to put him in an kennel, which they won't pay for.  Basically, they are pushing us around again and this time I'm really tired of it.  They made all these ridiculous claims that if we stayed in our apartment and they paid for it the entire staff at the school would be fired if an inspector came to audit their spending.  I can't believe this is true because our contract states that they will provide housing for us for the terms of our contract.  Well, at least outside of work we have made so many good friends who are willing to have us stay with them.  So, even though work will make it difficult to live comfortably for the next couple of weeks we will be ok:) 


Anonymous said...

Count your blessings, you have had a beautiful apartment until now. and you'll be home in two shakes of a puppy's tail :)

Anonymous said...

Yes . . . we're on countdown time now!! Just remember all the positives and good times -- forget these frustrating moments. Enjoy the remainder of your time! Maw

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where a kennel is in jinju? that would be helpful. my email is

If anyone could email me id highly consider buying you a milkshake ...or beer, whatever. Thank you.