Friday, May 8, 2009

1/2 Way

After Baton Rouge we headed further west to Texas. At the last minute we got in touch with a friend we met in South Korea who lives in Houston. He invited us to stay at his parents house who were incredibly hospitable, feeding us and putting a roof over our head. Needless to say it was very hard to leave them. We headed next to San Antonio to walk around and then camped about an hour outside of the city in Kerrville. We hiked around the park the next day and then off to Guadalupe National Park. Flat, long and dry was the drive. We tried to camp near Carlsbad Cavern so we could go the next, but it didn't work out and we drove late into the night through New Mexico to Santa Fe. Passing through Roswell (weird) we stopped at a Walgreens to get some things, as we got out of the car a lady yelled at us "Get a job motherf*****s!" Don't know why but it was funny to us, and probably one of the only unfriendly people we've met so far. We got into Santa Fe very late and slept/hardly slept in the car. Santa Fe is a very quaint town and as Mike said, "It reminds me of a Disney land theme village." As we were leaving I commented on a the woman flowers who was in the car next to us. She started to talk to us and lead us to the next highway we were going on, so nice! Northern New Mexico is so beautiful, we stopped and bought some fruit from a man and his truck, he thinks we'll be back. And here we are in Denver for today.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update - I enjoyed reading and seeing the beautiful pictures!!

Where's next?? MAW! Safe travels