Monday, May 11, 2009


Were here at Escalante outfitters in Southern Utah about 50 miles from Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park. It boasts Pizza Beer Cabins Gear. . . so we stopped. 2 pitchers later were going to find refuge in a "primitive camping" location in some National Forest.

The ride from Arches (eastern Utah) was VERY scenic, picturesque, dramatic, beautiful, peaceful, humbling and silent. Besides some streaks from airplanes in the sky the red rock desert and eroded bluffs look ancient and indian.

We reserved our next two nights of camping at Zion National Park and Grand Canyon so we SHOULD not have a stressful late night arrival full of surprises and wasted gas like we had in the Rockies. But damn, the next day cutting across that fresh young mountain range in a wintery May was quite nice.

So I've been thoroughly impressed with this vast ever changing country. Its amazing this space is unified. I appreciate that. But being from the Northeast IS like being from another country sometimes. Many friendlies and many not so friendlies. Utahans are very outdoor gear headed protective types sick of tourists congesting their red rock lanes. Most often we heard "Get the F**k out of the road!!"

Computer running low. Maybe we'll get Wi-Fi somewhere else down the road!


Mamio Andretti said...

I love the way you and Ana capture the landscape, from the scenery to the reactions of those you meet. It sounds as if you found the friendliest strangers in the south, and as you hit the midwest the least friendly. I liken the rude reactions to all those New Yorkers who get mad and honk their horn when someone slows down in the car ahead of them because they aren't sure where their next turn is supposed to be made. Enjoy your travels!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the update. It's sad that there is a "civil war" amongst the East & West! I don't think we treat "outsiders" like that. The East is a mix of everyone from all over the world.

Well, enjoy the beautiful scenery and the nice people. Screw the other bastards (teeheehee) - MAW!!!