Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It's hard to write from the road, we don't always have cell service and if we do a battery might run out, or perhaps we run into a cafe with internet but the computer is in the car far far away.  And when we do get the opportunity it is often rushed and only completing what is necessary for the moment.  Otherwise the trip is still going excellently! Current city: Bozeman, MT.  Headed to Yellowstone NP for 3 days!  Here are some more pictures (the camera is in the car with the more recent pics but I'm not going to get it!):

Last night we stayed in a national forest, it was 4 miles off the main road, it took 35 minutes to get there, it was free! We are seeing our first rain since Mississippi (way back in April).  

We stopped in a used bookstore somewhere in MT before we got to Missoula, it was stacked ceiling to floor, all over the floor with books. We bought a book on tape called "The Tummy Trilogy" it makes us hungry so we can't listen to it anymore hehe!

Poor doggy:( sprained his wrist.


Gotta go!

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this blog was a success.

will there be anymore?


can't wait to see you guys in person again.