Thursday, May 8, 2008

Holidays and more!

Setting up the picnic

Strange river scuba diving man

Mikey at the outdoor gym

Just monkeying around!

Lady setting up flags and kicking us out of our spot!

When you buy ice cream in SK you get some dry ice with it for the transport home.  We decided to play with our dry ice!

The mysterious dry ice!

Mmmmmm :-)

A beautiful tank we found to make Sputnick jealous, bubbles everywhere!

Beans, it's what's for dinner!

Monday was a holiday and tonight is Thursday and that means it's almost time for another 3-day weekend!! This Monday is Buddha's Birthday, who knew? But anyway this past Monday's holiday was grand (it was Children's Day, I think they should start that holiday in the US).  

It was a beautiful day so Mikey and I packed a picnic and went down to the river.  In between two parallel walking paths there are workout stations, basketball and some sort of volleyball stations interspersed with big patches of grass.  We laid out ate, lots of food, read and played frisbee.  It was very odd but for sometime we felt as though we were in a ghost town there were hardly any people.  I guess it's just not common to set up camp down by the river.   

At one point, a man rode up on his moped in this odd looking suit.  He parked hoped off his bike and within minutes was in the river scuba diving!  Oh yea, there's no swimming in the river.  We speculate he was collecting something because it looked like he came out with a bag full of something but who knows.  

Later we got kicked out of our spot by some old men and women who were playing croquet or something like that.  All and all great fun.

Later that day we got a call from another foreigner (Rian) who invited us out to dinner with some people.  Even though we had low funds we decided to take the opportunity to meet some new people and go.  Yummy Korean food (pretty cheap too) and then off to Bobo's (haha).

Bobo's is a place that we thought was a dance club when we walked by one Saturday night.  Turns out it's a pretty low key place (at least on Monday nights) that has pleather couches and pillows of black, red and white.  Looking past the decor it was a lovely evening where we got to meet even more foreigners! 

Oh yes, and how could I forget, Happy Parent's Day! (That's today's holiday here in the SK)


Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun:) It looks pretty warm there and glad to see the day was beautiful. Sounds as if you are meeting lots & lots of people there. Sure hope you want to return home!!! Happy Budda Day on Monday - enjoy your long weekend:) - Maw Caroline

Mamio Andretti said...

it's nice to see more of mike than his legs. thought i'd find a friday night/saturday events update. WHERE ARE YOU??? it's mother's day here. got the plant, it's lovely, thanks so much, enjoy your three day weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Heyyy! More great pics..Mikey, you sure are good on those monkey bars!! i'd get in one of those upsidedown positions, fall and break my neck!!! How cool to have a Children's day and Parents day...shows how their culture holds 'the family' in high esteem. very healthy! Nice that you are hanging with 'foreigners' who you can associate with, have fun and share your experiences. that makes it perfectly clear why people of
all the different cultures that make up the U.S. tend to live, work and play in the same neighborhoods:)
wishing you well with your teaching..and glad youre enjoying 'play time'!!
Paula :-)