Monday, May 5, 2008

Hiking about

Our Apt. is behind those big white buildings, near the hills


Ancient Buddhist Temple vs. Modern High Rise Housing


If you look closely down past the last bridge at the dirt path, that's where I was!

Wild strawberries!

On the driveway walk up

The driveway walking up


The farm and hills
Pretty flowers

Trail marker (guess which way I went)

Banner of something in the middle of the woods

The trail

More trail

Some sort of fruit

A hill with a backhoe on it (for Bill)

Outdoor gym!!!!


Mikey climbing the uphill monkey bars at the outdoor gym

And up....

To the other side! 
(he didn't actually make it all the way across, he cheated and started from the middle!)
City from the Mountain

Mikey at one of the pagodas

Yesterday we went on a short hike across the river up to the TV looking antennae that we can see from our side of the river.  It's about a twenty minute walk down to the river over the bridge to where the trail begins.  Then, over a very primitive looking railroad track, around a bend then, a quick right onto a dirt path about 1 foot wide. This is a trail head that can be easily missed as it is surrounded by gardens.  As you climb higher and higher the views get better and better.  The trail is very well maintained and even has labels on many of the trees and flowers to let you know what they are, scientific names in English and everything.  There are a couple of spots to stop and rest with picnic benches, a pagoda and a wooden deck.  Also, if you are feeling
very ambitious there are of course workout stations!   

We didn't get to check out the whole scope of the trail yesterday so I went back for a second jaunt today.  Walking quickly (rain seemed imminent) I made it to the top  in less than 40 min.  Once at the top a short break for myself and then onward.  Following the trail marker for the longest trail, of  course, I went down some super steep rocks and found myself at another pretty viewing place.  Walking further along you feel as though you are in the middle of the countryside however, the sounds of the city are still ringing in your ears.  You can hear the cars and the sounds of a construction site.  All that aside it was quite a beautiful trail with many flowers and farm on the other side of the mountain with a baying goat.  

I only saw 2 or 3 other people on the trail.  I said, "Annyong haseyo" to them all some responded others did not.  One man was carrying a puppy who looked injured and he said something more to me, but of course, I did not understand and we just kept walking in our separate directions.   Once I made it down to the other side of the mountain I found myself at a road.  I walked down the road for a bit and found a dirt road that traveled along the river.  Thinking I would be smart and head towards the bridge that looked closer I kept walking in the opposite direction that I had come.  I got to the bridge that is still being built and contemplated hopping the fence and running across because the bridge is actually complete on the lowest level and I've seen workers walking across it during the week.  Then, I thought better of it, don't want to get arrested in Korea for trespassing or anything, and continued down the road.  There was another bridge didn't look like any pedestrian traffic could cross but I had to make sure, got there and no luck.  Well, I thought perhaps this road will lead all the way down to the lake and I can cross over there and walk back on the side of the river to home.  Walking, walking walking, I come to what looks like the end of the road, and "Ah ha" I spy a trail heading off the end of the road.  So, I head down the trail thinking, how clever and adventurous am I, and 50 feet in the trail abruptly runs into the river.  Well, no luck there looks like I'm going to have to make the walk all the way up the mountain and back to the bridge I came over across on.  

First though, one more unknown stop.  At the end of the dirt road is a paved looking driveway with two stone pillars that have Japanese writing on them and a big banner up above that says something in Korean.  So, why not venture up this insanely steep driveway and see what's at the top? Up, up, up, I go around curves and up some more.  At the top I come across a little building that is a public restroom and a little further a map of some trail.  I look at the map and have no idea where it is I am on the map, they can be very hard to decipher, I haven't figured out what the "You are here" symbol is yet.  Anyway, there is was looks like a temple/house just in the distance, a van in a carport and a couple of dogs leashed up.  As I am standing there looking 3 people come out and are sitting on the porch drinking something out of mugs.  Thinking this is someone's house but not entirely sure I decide it would be best for me to turn back and head home.  Down and up and down and up and down and over back home.  Thank goodness it didn't start raining until I was crossing the bridge back to my side of the river and I had brought an umbrella with me (so smart ;-))


Anonymous said...

Great pics and captions, and very cool story telling! as you go into detail about the setting and your experience there, im imaginging being there..and understanding that as time passes, knowing you have to get back, you cant help but go a little further to explore! sounds very beautiful!
You guys have a good week!

Mamio Andretti said...

my child!!! that is one of the best stories to date, and the sights and sounds and smells of it all come through loud and clear. hope you continue to venture up and down and over and around and back again because i am certainly looking forward to hearing more and more and more. . .

Anonymous said...

I feel like I just went on the hike/walk with you - AND, where was Michael during all this??? Glad you got back safely and not drenched:) - Happy Week ahead - keep the stories coming - Love them all! Maw Caroline

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and fun adventuring stories. That fruit looks like a peach. My strawberries aren't even up yet - it looks like you are at least a few weeks ahead of us. It's been a month already - only 11 more to go.

Anonymous said...

Hello A & M

Thanks for sharing.

I love it all.