Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paid Finally

New Chair! ASSA!

Chilling at Ceasars

This was the sketchy manager that quit. If you see him running around Seoul slap him for us.

Pressure Point guide on the foot path

This ones for Bill!

I really did try smiling here! To cool I guess.

Grinning, taking a break from the foot path

Musical Fountains

Ana lays an egg!

Nam River bend

Painting and wrapping the silk lanterns for the festival

Buddha Rave. PBmmTsss PBmmTss

Dont cry!


Can we try these on?


Just got over another holiday weekend. Monday's off are special, but makes Tuesday that much harder. What was great about today was that we finally got paid. It is nice to be able to take care of ourselves again. We bought a colorful little lounge chair for our computer room and plan to start really filling in our apartment now. Groceries... check! We are mighty relieved.

Despite getting through the weekend without the pay we still managed to have fun. We are in the acquaintance of another American girl, Alexis, and her Korean boyfriend Iljin. She is from Michigan and lives down the street. We did a little double dinner date on Friday night and wound up hanging out pretty much the rest of the weekend along with other friends. 

Sangipsa is a great choice at Korean restaurants. It's basically little chunks or strips of pork that comes with vegetables and all the typical Kimchi sides. There is a little basket with leaves of lettuce also. Essentially the center of the table at these restaurants are the burners, so you cook all the pork up and fry anything else you choose (potato slices, halved garlic cloves, kimchi, etcetera...) and wrap up your combos in the leaf of lettuce, dip in some sauces and chow down. It's fun to eat, smells great, and is pretty damn cheap! 

Monday night there was this large televised concert in the park by the river, we later learned from a Korean bartender that it was the equivalent to a Rush/Moody Blues concert, or something. After our third Samgipsa dinner night of the weekend Alexis, Ana, and I strolled down to check it out. We got there right at the Encore/Zenith of the show and found ourselves in the middle of a clapping frenzied middle aged Korean mob. As the show let out it was close to chaos. Police whistles were blowing and there was a dust cloud hovering over the hordes of people that clawed out of the park and spilled onto the street. 

After the concert the three of us headed to this snazzy bar called Zzyyzzx, with lounge music and a balcony bar. It was there the bartender explained to us the nature of the concert.  The bartender's english was good. She made a super intricate rose out of a napkin and gave it to us. She has plans to go to Australia and Turkey. Her favorite band was the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

So that was the Gist of this weekend. Let the Film Roll....

Watch out for the Dust Mask Lady crawling at me like a Zombie at the end!


Anonymous said...

That was cool - I'm living your journey through your blog and pictures! Love the video's:) - PS - I think I saw your sketchy manager in NYC!!:) - Love Maw Caroline

Anonymous said...

i'm guessing the other blonde haired beauty is alexis??? sounds like a little (cash) goes a long way in SK. . .may be a retirement option alternative to FL. . .

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! yeah, i had to laugh about slapping the sketchy manager...sure glad you finally got paid! and those shades mikey..how suave!!
after reading about all that delish food, any way to fed-ex some to AZ?!
your blog is fun to read..the people..the places..the events..love it all!