Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here comes the Rain

Though it hadn't started to rain yet, we took the umbrella out to work with us on Monday in lieu of wind gusts and dark clouds. We were to meet Helen; our manager, at the front gate of the University at 1:00 to get our health insurance. On our walk to the insurance building she admitted with a crumpled face, "I think the rainy season starts today."  

I already knew that for about a month in the summer the Korean peninsula experiences it's monsoon season. I figured this thing was a gradual increase in humidity and rainy days per week. Well. It's a bit more intense than that. 

Apparently the Koreans know just when the monsoons will start. Obviously there is some scientific clock in a Koreans body that starts ringing on the first cloudy day in the second week of June. She knew, just like our co workers that today's clouds and wind meant something else.  
Sure enough it started to rain shortly thereafter. Now it's Wednesday night and it hasn't stopped once! Okay, it gets lighter at times but is met ultimately with heavier rain. The moments of mist means the coming  of cats and dogs ready to scratch at your umbrella and windows, piss on your shoes, and prune your fingers. 

Let me give you a preview of the Jinju 10 day forecast from Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Cloudy, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain.   . . . . Sweet . . . . 

Good news: Got health insurance.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my youngest offspring - you make me laugh:) - "Heere comes the rain, dootndodo, here comes the rain, and ayyye say, it's alright!!! Love Ya Maw

Unknown said...

Amen for health insurance! I knew your verbal threats would work.

Mamio Andretti said...

should we send life boats and personal floatation devices? no? how about packages with surprises?