Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Joys of Teaching

I was recently informed that my last blog entry was not up to par.  So, I wanted to add a few things from life. You should all really appreciate this entry because I am typing sans left index finger (the kitchen knife and I got in a little argument and the knife won (yes, yes, cliche I know)).  Anyway, what this post is really about is the joys of teaching.  They are there, although at times is seems that they are few and far between.  However, two days ago I was making a list of Spring things with my class and the students kept shouting out something in Hanguk without letting up.  They obviously didn't know what it was in English and I didn't know what it was in Hanguk.  So, I started to write the Hangul letters up on the board of what they had said.  They all stopped shouting and started coaching me on how to write.  They even told me, "Good job Teacher.  Good job!"  

Today, in another class we were trying to play pictionary but all the students kept standing up and trying to cheat.  They weren't listening when I told them to sit down and I was even pushing them away.  So, I shouted, "Anchuseyo!" (which just means sit please).  They all looked up in awe and started clapping.  It was quite hilarious and they moved towards their seats but didn't actually sit down, until I said, "Seriously, SIT!" 

I have to keep reminding myself of these times as opposed to another class where one student is definitely making fun of me in Korean but I am not sure what he is saying so I don't know what to do about it.  It really wares on the self-esteem levels of a teacher. 

Alas! It is the weekend and if the weather continues to be nice we will head to Namhae in the morning for some sun, sand and fun!


Mamio Andretti said...

i'd like to know who had the nerve to critique your last entry so boldly? i'm not certain if i want to pat the person on the back or tell him(?) to back off. a little everyday blurb about something so everyday (to the koreans) and yet so strange (to us) is fun. anyway, two things, keep your fingers out of the way of the knife and don't let those obnoxious kids win, so. . . learn the language (i know, i know, not as easy as it sounds) and then answer him in korean when you finally understand, he'll probably be quite embarrassed! which is always fun to do to an obnoxious kid :)

Anonymous said...

Who is it that told you what and how much you should write!!! Just let me at em! Write what you want and about what you want -- and we'll keep enjoying every word of it:) - Love, Maw - one of your loyal readers

Anonymous said...

And here I thought the Asian culture was more quite and respectful! MAW

Anonymous said...

ok, im putting my head on the chopping, as much as i enjoy your blogs, in the back of my mind i noticed not much was said about your teaching experience! it was simply something i noticed..and left it at read on! sooooo, now i must say, it WAS interesting to hear about your classes. i feel for you too, because i remember how we used to massacre the substitute teachers...we were bad!!! anyway, to me, the kid making fun of you looks like the fool, as how can words you dont understand hurt you? he's just doing it, obviously, to look cool in front of his peers. wonder what he'd do if you laughed along with him? that always throws people for a loop! anyway, hold your head up Michael..youre doing the best you can!
also enjoyed the previous post on the exploring, sand fesitval, foods, the moving fish (oh mercy!)..and the pics! thanks and take care!