Friday, June 6, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

I cannot remember the last time I witnessed rain as torrential as it was last night. Rivers ran down inclined pathways, over the sidewalks and onto the streets. It was abrupt and thunderous. 
People laughed us off as fools as we ran through it without an umbrella, caught between a friends place and home. Soaked through and through we stopped running and walked the rest of the way home. 

Back at the apartment peeling the clothes off it got harder still. Our little cactus plants (aka "The Ladies") were frightened on the window sill. I could tell. 

That night we saw the movie "What Happens in Vegas." It was okay. I didn't have much expectation in the movie featuring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz as a one night stand married couple. Plenty of below the belt humor that ends with our attractive stars being happy and rich. Fool proof.     

The movie was in english with korean subtitles. Most of the jokes were laughed at by the 3 americans in the front (us). It was obvious the jokes were not translating, or flat out didn't make sense in Hangul. So we were only joined in laughter during the slapstick parts.

Tonight after work we went out with 2 of our coworkers. Lee, our friend is leaving. So it was a farewell for her. Sad I guess, but replacing her is Jenny who is liked. We went out for coffee after that and had some nice conversation and Korean lessons. They are amazed at our ability to read and write Hangul, but it's easy not to be flattered because our comprehension of what we are reading is very low. But we do know considerable amount of sentences and questions that can get us by. Convo is a long way away. They talk to damn fast. Well, only 2 months right. We'll get better. 

We are going to Busan tomorrow morning, so I should sleep. More Baseball(Yagu)! Assa! 


Anonymous said...

Good thing you're not the wicked witch of the west:) - Anyway, sounds fun! Glad to hear you're picking up the language - miss you both. Going to see Clapton at Jones Beach tonight - woo, woo! Maw

Anonymous said...

greetings! just read your last 2 posts...the Seoul experience sounds facinating..i lol when i read about the gay pride paraders having to wear a mask..that just struck me funny!
sounds like you witnessed your first monsoon type of downpour..funny when you realised you wouldnt get any less soaked if you walked the rest of the way home! i guess soaked is more or no less!!!! and..i can just see you 3 'mercans the only ones in the entire theatre laughing during the movie jokes! its hard to capture and understand another cultures sence of humor..its subtle but quite ingrained!
the pics and 'nature' experiences are and sound very cool! enjoy!

Anonymous said...

most of the chick flicks i've seen with Ashton Kutcher have been at least halfway decent, A Lot Like Love is one example