Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ana makes really!

So Ana should be getting back from Seoul sometime tonight.
I had to call in 'sick' for her today, so she could accompany Evan Laura and Linda up to Seoul and to check out the DMZ together.  

Just me and Samjin hanging out in the apartment. 

So to explain the title of this entry. Ana is in the Newspaper here in South Korea!!! There's a big article and a big picture about the school I guess in the regional paper here. Apparently its local but its more than just Jinju and its widely read. Im not sure what the article says, (hopefully its all nice things),  but its main article with a big picture of Ana leaning over a desk helping a student. Its so Funny!!

So during the famo's visit we had much fun and did many things. 
We rented a car and went to see some dinosaur footprints in Goseong and then drove to Deagu and stayed in a super fancy hotel. We snuck the dog into a 4 star hotel!! It was beautiful. It had a gym and a spa and bars and was all upper crust stuff. 

So now its back to work for now....but were going to Vietnam in 10 days!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

YAY - finally an update! WOW - Ana in the paper - pretty impressive (hopefully) since you don't know what it says. But how could it be anything but positive:) - Love Ya MAW

Mamio Andretti said...

ana, if you keep this up you'll have been in the newspaper more than everyone else in the family added together