Saturday, August 2, 2008

Plans Fizzled for Now

So, we worked our first Saturday today. It kind of kills your weekend. Friday becomes 'Thursday' and Saturday becomes a much fatigued 'Friday.'  With only one day off.

Extra salt in the wound. Evan, Laura, and Linda are not getting into Busan until tomorrow afternoon. So our planned Busan trip is postponed. The Beetle Ferry from Fukiaka, Japan to Busan, SK was cancelled due to engine trouble so they're catching the next one out. A bit of a shame to think that we could be hanging out right now!

Summer Camp:

It's hot everyday. The humidity turns a nice summer day a bit ugly, or is it the Camp? In New York you get a break every couple of days from the humidity, but here there is none. Nights are usually really sticky as well. Apparently its the same in Japan, Evan and crew reported after enjoying LA. So I may have to confirm that those parts of the US gets better weather all around.

The Summer Camp work is long and constant. 8:50 am to 4:30. Normal working hours, at a normal job, but not what we've been used to. (Really missing those 2:30 - 6:10 days!)

Some aspects are easier. I feel like a more fun teacher and more well liked this time around which is good. There are about 150 kids enrolled, and each teacher sees about 100 of those every week. About 10% of those are kids I've already taught and the rest are new. Many faces and names to learn. 

Like I said some things are easier this time around. From 9:20- Lunch I teach 3 classes the same material so preparations are not much, I can hone my lessons, and make each valuable until the last minute of class.  After lunch I teach a writing class which is always a challenge to make interesting for the students. They care not much for identifying topic sentences, isolating the 'more exact' word, or writing in general. It is difficult to get some of these things through to them when they're english is very limited. So they're usually happy when I tell them to close the book and play a game the last 10, 15 minutes of class.

There are about 7 new foreign teachers to take the extra load for the camp. They are nice cool people. Got an Aussie, 2 Irish, and the rest Americans. Cali, New York, Texas. It was fun to take them out and be the tour guide for Jinju. 

Thats all for now folks. 


Mamio Andretti said...

glad to hear you are lightening up in the classroom and having a little more fun yourself. and the queen of strict, how goes her camp experience???

Anonymous said...

Well, it's Sunday here and I'm hoping that you have Evan, Laura & Linda with you by now:) - Enjoy your family time! The baby shower was today:) - Love Ya- MAW