Thursday, September 11, 2008

추석 and Presents!

Monday is a holiday!추석 (chooseok) It's like a Korean thanksgiving, a day to honor your ancestors and such.  The date of the holiday is based off of the Lunar calendar, it is the 8th month on the 15th day.  Normally we would have at least 2 days off possibly 3 but because of the way it falls this year we only get one:( However, our director got us all gifts Mike and I (and all the other teachers) got a Pantein Pro-V gift set, it has shampoo, conditioner, soap and toothbrushes. Getting shampoo is apparently a standard gift for this holiday.  Needless to say I think we are set for the next 7 months and won't need to buy any of that stuff and we will probably have some left over (maybe I will even start showering everyday! hmmm, haha!).  

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