Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Classes

So, today was the start of our morning adult classes.  I teach from 10-12 and Mike teaches from 11-1230.  I teach mostly business men and university students and Mike teaches Moms.  It's definitely weird to teach a class of people that are older than me when I feel like I really don't know what's going on.  It was ok for the most part but the schedule will definitely stink.  

Last night we had lots of fun.  The University had a festival for the freshmen I guess.  Basically all the incoming freshmen classes had to perform some dances and some skits and then the upper class men vote on the best performance.  After the dancing each class (different majors) set up tents where they serve food and drink.  We hung out with a bunch of the TAs that we worked with in the summer camp.  It was good to see them and we got to know some of them a little better.  We brought Samjin and he was a HUGE hit, hehe:)

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Anonymous said...

So are these adult classes additional - meaning extra income??? I'm sure Samjin was a big hit -- I know Louie always is. PS: Did Samjin earn his "wings"?