Monday, September 15, 2008


From the trails near our house

You can't tell me he's not cute!

Giant centipede AHHHHH!

Ice Cream Monsters!

My new bag from Vietnam (made in Thailand haha)

Ruthy, our new friend who we inspired to come to Jinju after reading our blog!!!!

The one lone picture from Jiri-san

Trails near our apartment

The past couple of days has been quite relaxing.  We were going to go to Ulleong-do an island off the east coast of Korea but our co-workers warned us about the traffic, so we decided to go another weekend.  

Saturday we lounged around (I slept most of the day) then we took a late afternoon drive to the beach.  By the time we got their all of our friends were leaving.  So, we walked down the beach a bit Samjin and I fell in the water, I lost my sunglasses in the water and then miraculously found them then my arms and neck started to break out in some sort of rash.  Needless to say we were there for less than an hour before heading back.  

Sunday was another day of lounging in the morning.  During the afternoon we met up with a bunch of people to play soccer.  They are all really good and I am not, but it was still fun.  Mike twisted his ankle and had to sit out the second half.  I must be getting old and out of shape because my body hurts today.  

Today has also been a lazy day, in a few hours we will head to our co-workers house for a small Chuseok celebration and then to Jam Bar where Mike and some fellow musicians will jam out.

Oh and for anyone who doesn't know Mike is an Uncle!!! Wooohooo! Baby Christopher Daniel Lupo was born on Thursday September 11th at 7:17pm.  Congratulations to Chris and Courtney we wish we could be there to meet him!

Here are some random pictures from recent times.


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed your holiday! Thanks for the update! And yes, Samjin is so very cute -- looks alot like his Uncle Louie:) - Love MAW THANKS FOR THE PRESENTS!!!

Mamio Andretti said...

it's been one full week since you last posted, and i know it's 3:45 AM Tues Sept 23 for you right now. So, what's the deal??????

Also, thanks for the presents. I must say I looked in the Korean phrase book and am a little more confused than before.

And just for your satisfaction, the chopsticks are in a mug on the table for constant practice when eating. Boy are my palm muscles all cramped up.

Love ya tons. . .
and update, update, update