Thursday, January 15, 2009

In other news...

The other day, wellll maybe it was last week, I was walking and about to cross the street. The light was red but that doesn't mean anything, so being the cautious citizen that I am I looked both ways, lo and behold there was not a car in sight. I stepped out from the sidewalk when suddenly I hear in a low but very anxious voice, "No! No!" Caught a bit off guard I turned to see some 16 year old boy. He nodded and smiled at me and then looked at the red light as if to say, "Are you crazy it's red!" So, I decided to stay on the curb until the light actually turned (the lights take forever to turn here). As we walked across the street my new friend said goodbye to me. Oh Korea!

The last weekend Bill and Jude were here we took a trip to Jinju Castle. Walked around did some last shopping and just hung around. Since they have left we have been very busy with our camp. Working 6 days a week is really no fun. Last night we went out with some co-workers, they have an 1130 curfew, which is a good thing I guess when you have a full day of teaching ahead of you.

We have one crazy teacher here for the camp. He likes to make a big stink about everything. He's a bit older, not sure of his age, but apparently he hasn't showered since he's been here and the director's daughter is in his class and she doesn't like him so there was drama at work today. Oh well, it didn't involve me so I just like to gossip, hehe!

Tomorrow night I am heading to a mountain with some friends for a night snowboarding adventure. We will board from about 7-12am and then drive 2 hours back to Jinju, and then I will wake up for work at 9am. Hmmmm, we'll see how I feel on Saturday. I should pack some stuff and get ready for bed.

We will be home sometime in early March, apparently it's super super easy to bring Samjin, just rabies and a health certificate! We just have to book our ticket now.


Anonymous said...

YAY - March!!! That's right around the corner! How time flies. I was just looking at Jude & Bill's pix from their trip. SK is so beautiful!!! Louie can't wait to meet Samjin (I think) -- but I don't think he'll share his toys very nicely!! Love Ya MAW

Mamio Andretti said...

so, you'll be back soon enough to not even miss us, i guess we timed it right!