Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Comfortable With Korea

Way up there where the flag is is where Bill got "lost" and I got my big hug

Short hike to some rocks 

Now these are some serious hikers!

Samjin's favorite hang out

Middle of nowhere hotel

Christmas Day Tea House adventure

Would you like more? 

Christmas morning...presents!!!!

We’re having a great time in South Korea! I never expected the many mountains and tunnels, and oceans that we’ve seen. Our unescorted trip back from Goeje was adventurous. We developed map reading skills, only after attempting to drive a road that turned out to be impassable. We soon discovered dash lines on the map can mean tunnels or unpaved roads. Our rental car couldn’t handle the deep ruts of the gravel road. It was beautiful and scenic while it lasted. While traveling back we tried unsuccessfully to locate a good tofu restaurant. The restaurant owners would run out to greet us, but all they had was fish. My first experience with the famous highway rest areas showed me my stomach is smaller than my eyes and junk food in South Korea is not as sweet or creamy as the US. Upon returning to Ana & Mike’s apartment, I learned that Mike has sampled all the Korean treats on his earlier site seeing excursions and has also found them lacking that US touch.

Seoraksan (So-rock-san) had breathtaking scenery and we traveled every hairpin turn around the park. Hiking up the mountain at 5,000 feet elevation is somewhat nervewracking. With Mike and Ana and Samjin in the lead, keeping up is a challenge. When I lost site of them on the rock ledge near the peak, I was on my own and a “little bit” nervous. Spying a flag placed at the peak, I headed toward the top. When I saw Ana, I gave her a BIIIIG hug in welcome relief.

Seoul was very busy and great fun.

It’s been such a great experience, I encourage everyone to try to get out to the beautiful sights of Korea. Of course our hosts make the trip even more enjoyable.

Thank you Ana and Mike, and Samjin!

See you in the US,


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Mamio Andretti said...

Back to home, and a heated bathroom, yay!!

Ana, was looking to chat with you this morning, some unfinished conversations, check your email.

Just want to let everyone know what wonderful hosts Ana and Mike are. Everyone should go visit, but watch out for the bathroom and unknown Koreans who come sit with you in bars.