Saturday, January 17, 2009


Korean style snowboarding is from 8pm-12am when I have to work the next day at 9am, maybe not the best timing but totally worth it. We arrived at the ski shop and all got suited up with boards, boots and rental clothes, I've never rented snow clothes before, and they weren't all that great, my whole bum was soaked by the end of the night.  Once at the mountain we went to get in line and got told that our ticket wasn't valid for 3 minutes but then the guy let us through anyway.  The lifts are very strange, they have a start gate where you wait for the lift, then you go onto a small conveyer belt that made me feel like I was going to fall over, and then you have to put the bar down immediately or get yelled at.  Oh yea, and you can carry your snowboard on, it's really awkward and then walk off the other end.  It was pretty crowded, but apparently last weekend there were double the people and during the day it's supposed to be even worse.  So, I'm very glad that I went and had lots of fun.

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