Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our new fruit

Why were not salesman, I don't know
(taste's like a cantaloupe)

Ana bargained for some fruit and actually got the price cut 50%! Buying in the street is the most logical food shopping you can do in Jinju. Unfortunately during the week and after work you just wind up going to the supermarket for things like meat and anything else, but on the weekend you can find busy outdoor markets with butchers, candy stands, bakeries .. . . . .you name it at a cheaper price. 
The thing with buying on the street is that you keep the Tupperware the goods come in, so we have all these red plastic bowls stacking up in our pantry. 
Our manager resigned today, which leaves us with a lot of questions. First of all, who is going to pay us the rest of our air fare when the time comes? Do we have to explain that to this new manager who isn't even hired yet? Well at least we have our contract to use in any argument or misunderstanding. Or maybe there is no record of us getting paid our first quarter. Which could benefit us if we wanted it to. That's not my style, however, The old Metallica proverb "Fight Fire with Fire" comes to mind. 
No manager means no free Friday night dinners though:(


Anonymous said...

Is your manager the same as your recruiter??? Ok, I'm not going to panic - YET!

Anyway, cute picture - and the outdoor vendors sounds like alot of fun:)

Love MAW

Mamio Andretti said...

doesn't the certification school help with things like this?

Anonymous said...

Nice to be able to benefit from the outdoor markets to be able to eat all the fresh foods. good nourishment! those fruits look delish, ana!
what came to mind after reading about your manager.. first, try not to worry too much about things that havent happened yet. rather, keep informed about what your company is doing to remedy the situation. reasoning things out or thinking things out and taking action is much more productive. you may find there wont be any fire to fight! yes, i understand there are people out there that take advantage of others, but people like that never come out ahead in the long run... you will be the ones ahead if you stand by
what is 'right' in your heart.
hope you are enjoying this weekend..checking out new and exciting things!
your friend, paula