Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumn Leaves

The sun is over the hump and settling in at late angles. 
The third season is settling in after a day of rain. 

The autumn air seems to ignite more reminiscent memories. It must be the smell of dying leaves. The wind reminds myself of days tumbling down 'front yard hill.'

So with the exchange rate I bought rock climbing gear in American Dollars. Lucky to have some I guess. Harness and Shoes! Its great. 

Rock climbing is a creative process of interacting with nature, and also a physical sport. 

It's beautiful to lay on your back and look up on a rock wall and decide your day in this fashion. The season is beautiful. If each of our lives were as pure as nature, dying would be this beautiful also. 

Last weekend we climbed at Yeongsu Falls which is this beautiful rock cathedral with a waterfall at its center. Being the dry season the waterfall is just a trickle now. No matter, the lazy spray was a refreshing surprise on your forehead. 

The climbing community is great. Loads of Koreans and Foreigners from all over converging in nature. Camping. Jokes. The right way. 

This weekend we did artificial outdoor walls in Tong Yeong and just today in San Cheong. Its great. I've never felt better honestly. Spending time with good people outdoors. 

This coming weekend there is a big gathering up country in the East among the KOTR community for halloween. You have to dress up and climb in your costume. It will be one of the last outdoor climbs of the season so I'm looking forward to it.  Obviously you need to think practical. I'm planning on being "Fan Death." Fan Death is a Korean myth (widely understood as fact) about sleeping with a fan in the room and dying of asphyxia.  I think ill just paint my death face and string a fan around my throat. 

Enjoying this exercise and discipline. Getting out of my town and bar scene. The people I love of course, but no offense, starting to feel like a weekly high school reunion. 


Anonymous said...

Wow that was deep - I love it! Nature is beauty - pure & simple! I'm glad you are enjoying it all. Be safe! Love Maw

Mamio Andretti said...

looks like the two of you have discovered not one, but two, foreign cultures, and one you can take with you wherever you wander.