Friday, October 10, 2008


I just looked at the exchange rate and according to the website I checked it's 42% that we will lose when we send money home.  Now, that doesn't include bank fees either.  Oh boy, it's stinky like cheese. 

Anyway, it's Friday yay! We went to the lantern Festival again on Tuesday but we both forgot our cameras.  So, we are going to venture down again tonight and not forget a camera! Tomorrow we are headed to a Buddhist temple called Golgolsa for an overnight stay. Should be interesting, gotta run.


Anonymous said...

Whoa-bunga! Not good times for anyone:(

Enjoy your weekend - be safe!! Love MAW

Mamio Andretti said...

HEY!! where are you?!?

Anonymous said...

Yea - that's just what I was thinking . . . MAW!

Anonymous said...

Oh Bamama's the man.

Hola Anita y MIguel,

I haven't said I love you in a while, but oh do I love you.

Give Wet rat a little tickle tickle under the ears for me.

Mucho, mucho amor.