Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy November!





So many climbers:)


After a long day of climbing, I swear I'm happy:)

On the road again...

Halloween dancing


Fan Death...hahahaha

The weeks are going by so fast, each one like the one before except it gets a little colder each day.  
We celebrated Halloween with some other foreigners and looked rather silly walking to the bar because no one else celebrates it here.  We are used to be stared at but this time it was longer and harder so I waved and laughed it was rather amusing.  

Saturday brought another weekend of rock climbing, aka waking up late, packing quickly, getting a rental car, picking up friends, getting on the road.  We drove 4 hours north to Wonju (원주) it took longer because we hit some traffic, so we had a Chinese fire drill in the middle of the highway and discussed running around to other cars and jumping and scaring some Koreans but no one was willing to actually go through with it.  

We arrived later than we wanted but we were still able to get some good climbs in, I think I did 4 or 5 and Mike about the same.  There was a huge group from KOTR (Korea on the Rocks) and we all went to the Minbok and had a feast and some people dressed up.  Then a camp fire and lots of funny times.  The next morning we were up fairly early (730am) and Jake, who is great, made REAL coffee and pancakes for everyone.  Back to the krag for some more climbing before heading home.

The drive took longer than it should have we ran into more traffic and then got lost.  Remember our plan to hop into a stranger's car....well at the gas station our friend saw a white car, thought it was ours and hopped in closed the door and went to talk to me, unfortunately it wasn't our car and there was a Korean man sitting there shocked and then our friend was shocked!  Finally, we arrived home showered and went to bed.  All in all another great weekend:)


Mamio Andretti said...

yee-ha, so glad the two of you are taking full advantage of this Korean Sojourn and making it an Adventurer's Korean Sojourn.

Anonymous said...

Good times!! Enjoy the entries. Little Samjin could be Louie's twin.

Unknown said...

Big news, green pipe was delivered to Birch St. today!