Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll

There are no pictures from this weekend because we forgot to bring our cameras with us. But we saw some beautiful sites. Yesterday we lounged around in the morning and then headed out to Sacheon to try and find a rock climbing area. We left a little too late in the afternoon, got a little lost and didn't realize it was quite a hike up the mountain side. By the time we got to the rock it was later than we wanted, Nick headed up the rock but found the route quite difficult with a bolt that was not very good about 1/2 way up. By the time he made it up and then down it was too late for either of us to try it. So, we packed up and headed back down the mountain in a sort of run because we had a dinner date at 6pm and it was already 5pm.

We arrived a bit late for dinner but everyone was understanding. After dinner we headed into the downtown area to watch another friend play the drums for some modern dancers. It was an interesting show, some parts way better than others but not something I expected to see in South Korea let alone Jinju. We headed to a bar to celebrate another friends birthday (we are just getting so popular) someone had made a homemade chocolate cake that was to die for....mmmm...yes I love food and so does Mike, so what! haha. A very productive and yet relaxing day.

Today we went out and played soccer with some foreigners and Ukraines and Koreans. There were lots and lots of people so it was hard to get good playing time, I was the only girl this time (there were some others on the sidelines watching...lame!) and got some more recognition for my tackling the boys arrr! that's the pirate in me. I'm not sure who won any of the games, as you can see I'm in it for the pure fun:)


Anonymous said...

Tackling in soccer??? No wonder you got some recognition!! MAW

Mamio Andretti said...

what i learned from today's blog:

1. you spent november 8th being a bit late
2. you do not consider foreigners and Ukraines to be the same
3. you still tackle the boys in soccer when they are in your way like you did when you played soccer in 3rd grade

did i miss anything?