Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Turkey, Puppies and Other

Poor little doggy

Turkey remains

Yum! (that's my pumpkin got a little burnt on one side but was still delicious) 

Turkeyed out!

A little wine to start the festivities

Anticipating our meal;)

Well, I must say my pies turned out delicious.  They were gobbled up but not entirely which I was happy about because I got to bring some home!  We had quite the spread...turkey, stuffing, gravy, mac and cheese, collard greens, pierogis, cranberry sauce, yams, apple crisp, apple pie, apple turnover, pumpkin pie and cake!  It was like a real Thanksgiving, there were about 20 people, a success.

On Monday I brought Samjin to the vet to get "fixed".  While I was there I witnessed a puppy being born. It was pretty cool I've never seen that before, the momma was going to have three puppies, one was born when she was brought in and there was another coming after the one I saw.  Anyway, Samjin looks hilarious with his little cone on his head.

Yesterday in my basic class I had a new student, a really cute little girl.  Before class even started she was crying, I didn't notice anyone making fun of her so I went and got the TA who came and stayed by her for a while.  She seemed to be doing better and then the TA left and a couple minutes later the girl was crying again.  So, I took her hand and brought her to the office.  There is speculation that she is afraid of me:( being so foreign and all. Well, I hope today she doesn't cry.

Oh yea and Yay for Christmas music!!!!


Mamio Andretti said...

awww, afraid of you? only close friends and relatives need to be afraid of you!

Anonymous said...

You weren't making any monster faces, were you?? Maw :}