Friday, July 25, 2008

1 Week

This was our last week before we start summer camps. Our lovely hours of 1:30-6:10/8 o'clock are over.  It's good though because I definitely feel that I have gotten into a rut with the teaching. Some of my classes I feel that I have no respect and I could stand up there and talk to the wall and no one would notice.  We went out with two coworkers yesterday for dinner, ice cream and then bowling, they told us what the students say about us.  Apparently I don't smile and I'm strict and Mike doesn't give out enough blue stickers(blue stickers are for when they're good, red stickers are for when they're bad).  

Onward. For the next 4 weeks we will be working 6 days a week from 9-4:30 or something like that.  We have no idea what our curriculum is going to be or our class sizes or anything, awesome, ha! 

Well lots of good news, we are going to Namhae again tomorrow.  This time we are going to drive our motorcycle and take the dog and sleep on the beach, it should be lots of fun.  After our first intense week of work we will go to Busan to meet Evan, Laura and Linda!!!!! Woohooo can't wait!!!!!


Mamio Andretti said...

hey, i don't like those kids. so, next time smile and be strict!! haha! i forget, what's the significance of the blue stickers? have fun on the beach with the dog, chancing a trip on the bike with the dog is interesting. see you soon (video chatting that is)

Anonymous said...

Oh YAY - what fun!! Little Sunny going on an overnight trip! Don't forget his food and enough water (and a cup to put the H20 in). Yea, what are the blue sticker for? Maybe you can put them over their mouths! Just let me at em! Love Ya Maw