Monday, July 7, 2008

하동 (Hadong)

Waiting for the Mikster we lost him for a bit!


Fishing for something

Still waiting....

We're ready to go



More bikes!

Some random garden

It was a beautiful sunny day so Mike and I and our two friends decided to take our bikes out for a spin. We set off in the early afternoon and decided to go to Hadong, just to the north of Jinju (진주). It was a very relaxing drive near mountains and streams. We stopped a few times to drinks and gas and to look around. Mike and I each took a turn driving our friends bike which is a different style than ours. It was so fun and relaxing I am so glad we got the bike and we will definitely be going on more weekend spins!

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Mamio Andretti said...

beautifulness is correct. i guess you and mike continue to prove what everyone who's been to south korea has told me, it is absolutely beautiful. happy driving!!