Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Easy Riders

Riding the motorcycle is pretty fun. I guess we need a name for it if we are to keep mentioning it. 
For now I'll call it the Liberator. When it arrived we had some difficulty getting it off the truck since they didn't think of bringing a ramp. So me and the driver just balanced the bike in between wheels and lifted it off end by end. This I suspect bent the plate that holds the kick stand. So after they left I noticed the Bike leaning almost at a 45 degree angle on the stand. Today after work I brought it to the auto shop where I expressed the problem with few words and many gestures and the man with dyed orange hair was very helpful. He hammered the plate to a proper angle and soddered the joint for me at no cost. All is good. Ana is a natural on the bike. Wearing a denim jacket, smiling , carrying the helmet. Now I just need some of those gloves with no finger tips. Maybe some metal studs to go with it. Mwhahahah. 

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Anonymous said...

You two are way too cool now:) Enjoy the freedom! But, don't give up on the hiking. Love Ya Maw