Thursday, July 3, 2008

찌개 (Jigae)

Yesterday our coworker Jenny (fellow teacher) was asking us about what food we eat and what we ate for breakfast, etc. It's a common question that we've been asked before, people always seem surprised when you eat/cook korean cuisine. Anyway, we said that we enjoy 김치 찌 개 (Kimchi jigae). We have never made it at home because we don't make our own kimchi and the kimchi that we buy at the grocery store hasn't been that great (we also don't have a stone pot).  So, Jenny said she would bring us some homemade kimchi today if she remembered and she did! so now we can make our own! I just have to go out and buy a stone pot now. The kimchi is really good.

Happy Fourth of July!

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Anonymous said...

Is Jenny Korean? Is Kimchi a type of cabbage? Sounds good whatever it is. I just cooked up some cheese pierogies:) Maw