Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So Hot

So, I really wasn't believing anyone when they told me how hot and humid it gets, but after about 4 days of constant humidity and heat I believe!  You see, the rainy season wasn't as bad as I expected.  It didn't rain everyday, we would have 3 days of no rain, what kind of rainy season is that?  Well, it's been around 90 degrees and according to the weather it won't go below 85 for then next 10 days, even when it rains.  It feels like I have to swim everywhere I go and showers don't seem to do much past about 15 minutes or any sort of movement.  Needless to say, I am glad that the sun is shining and that I have air con and 2 fans!

Today is Mike's Birthday!!! Let's celebrate :-)


Mamio Andretti said...

But remember, it's not your birthday until it's July 9th here!!

Anonymous said...

Stay cool - sounds as if you're getting the same weather as back home!! Hail to the King Michael:):):) - my youngest offspring;) - Love MAW

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michaellllllllllllll!!!!!Love Ya, Aunt Honka and Uncle Lar

person said...

yeah, i'm in the city so i guess it feels hotter and more pressurized than other places but... yeah, hot, hot for weeks now.

you guys are doing great wonders with this blog.

remember the good 'ole winter nights before you left. we had good times right up to your departure.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ana...better watch those 2 fans!!! (re wikipedia article..hehe!)
Happy 24th BD Michael!!
And...Happy Biking!

Anonymous said...

hey, where are you guys this weekend?? oh, that's right celebrating ana's BD. do you two EVER deal with real life??? well, evan, laura, and linda will be there in about 12 days, hope you're recovered from all the BD partying. as always, love ya tons

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANA - 7/13!!!! WOO-WOO! I hope you were able to have some fun - hahaha! We're all envious! LOVE YOU! MAW