Friday, July 18, 2008

It's a Rat....No It's a Dog!

So, we made an extremely impulsive decision yesterday and got a dog!  Our friend found a dog on the street and took it home cleaned it up bought it lots of things and then decided that she didn't want to keep it.  He looks like he could be a Yorkie, he probably only weighs about 3 pounds.  He is trained but only understands Korean.  He is also trained to do his business in the bathroom, I think I'd rather take him for a walk though, we'll see how that goes.  Well, it should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

OMG - he's adorable. I think he should go under the chopping block though!!! I'm gonna nickname him "sunny" - ya know, as in the Godfather:) - Anyway, once his hair grows in, he will look like Louie! He's definitely a Yorkie:) - YAY! We'll have to ship him back home when you come back!!!

Mamio Andretti said...

of course caroline would say all those supportive things. just some food for thought - what happens with the dog when you want to travel on weekends or for a week? and what happens if you don't want to go home after work but go out for the night? i think you were right the first time though, it's a rat!! :)

Anonymous said...

First a motorcycle, now a dog, what could be next! What is his/her name?