Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Long Bike Ride...But a Beautiful Beach!

From the bridge on the way home

Driving home

At the beach

Our 5,000Won rented umbrella! (we gave in on day 2)


Ana in charge!!!

Riding home

Our restaurant (meal 1, we went back later that night for meal 2!)


Candle light beach game of ukere

Crowded beach 
(if you look back at the pictures from April when we went you will see the crazy difference)


Samjin's tent

Fellow beach goers

Mmmm more food please!

Driving there


This weekend, as you know, we headed back to Sangju Beach.  To our amazement it was seriously packed, way more than the last time we were there about 1 month ago.  We packed some towels, some PB&Js, some water, a tent, a dog and ourselves, quite the tight squeeze for all of that on a motorcycle but we made it work (I can sometimes be an expert packer, thanks JUDE! I know I'll never be as good as you though!)  Although squeezed together the ride was absolutely beautiful beyond the city limits.  You cannot get on the highway with a motorcycle so we had to take some very windy streets that passed rice fields and then wound along the ocean.  Once on the island of Namhae, there are some more even windier roads, oh so very scenic.  At the beach we parked our bikes right outside the tourist center (I don't think it was a real parking spot but no one stopped us) and no one touched the helmet that we left on the seat of the bike, Korea can be great like that (we actually left the keys on the bike for the past two days and I just noticed today and the bike is obviously untouched, amazing!).  

Once on the beach we tried to set up on the edge of the great crowd.  I took out the tent and started to set it up and was almost complete when a man ran over and said, "No, tents! But you can rent a parasol for 5,000 Won!"  Gee thanks.  So instead we took our sheet and set up a mini tent for Samjin to be able to get out of the sun.  Swimming, sun and beer makes one quite hungry.  Just past the walkway on the beach amongst the trees are restaurants to eat at and tables to rent and sit on.  We picked a galbi restaurant and it was delicious.  Fortunately the restaurant owners were very dog friendly and we were able to bring Samjin with us.  

After dinner we walked around the beach, played some ukere(sp), then decided to go exploring a little further.  Just past the beach there is a huge concrete area where you can set up your tent for free.  People had clothes hanging and so much stuff it looked like they would be there all summer.  Just beyond that was a boardwalk type area.  There was a couple of carnival rides and your typical games like shooting things and popping balloons and a batting cage, where we spent most of our money (and somehow I'm still horrible)!  

Then we went in search of an archery type game but found none.  There was a convenience store with a table outside so we bought some drinks and sat down.  One thing turned into another and being surrounded by 3 very musical people we had a drum beat going on the table and some singing.  It was quite fun and we were getting quite a lot of stares (more than normal haha).  After some deep conversation it was time to head back to the beach for some much needed sleep.   I would now be able to set up the tent because no one would tell me no at 3am, ha!  

Sleeping on the beach is great except that by time I got to sleep it was probably 4am and the sun was so strong that I woke up before 8am.  That's no fun especially when everyone else you're with can somehow sleep later.  So, I took the tent down (it was too hot inside for Mike so he stumbled out found some shade and went back to sleep) lathered up with some sunscreen and took a nice morning dip before the beach got too crowded.  It was quite beautiful and relaxing in the morning with very few people.  Also, there are these amazing little crabs that dig holes in the sand.  When you wake up in the morning the entire area where the sand is still wet from the water is covered in these little balls that the crabs make.  It is extremely difficult to explain and impossible to capture on film.  I crouched down and watched the little critters for at least 10 minutes making their little balls.  As soon as they see someone approach they run back into their holes, but if you stay silent and still you can see the millions of them working. (I know it's hard to imagine me being quiet and still for 10 minutes)  

By this time Hannah had awoken, she took a morning dip and we decided to get some breakfast.  We looked for some bokum bap but found none and settled for bibimbap.  Mike awoke shortly after and joined us for breakfast and kept spilling his water on me!  

More beach, more sand, more fun.  Onto the bikes to look for a restaurant, which we found and smelled really delicious but then when we looked at the menu realized that we didn't have enough money.  So, we decided to head back home. 

Another long, beautiful, uncomfortable drive.  On the way back we had to stop in at work so that we could get our material to start teach at 8:30am the next morning.  Our manager looked at us like we were crazy and asked at least 5 times if we were ok, I guess being hot, sweaty and a bit sunburnt is not normal here.  Once we arrived home and showered we all (Mike, Samjin and I) passed out until 5am the next morning when we got up to prepare for the day.

After two days of summer camp I have already decided that it is going to stink.  So far I have 1 good class and 1 bad class.  It is a long intense day, our lunch break is spent in the cafeteria with our classes so it's really not a break at all.  We have 4 hours of teaching in the morning, lunch, 1 hour and 40 minutes of an extremely poorly planned out activity and then 45 minutes to work on a group project with little to no guidance (which can be good and bad).  Well hopefully it will get better, if not at least it's only 4 weeks and we get to see Eggin and crew in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riding there

Post drumming session, unfortunately I didn't think to get the camera out til it ended, but trust me it was lots of fun:)

Riding home!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh soooo enjoyable to read and see all the cool pictures! Samjin is a very lucky little dog. I think quarantening is about 3-4 months:( - but!!!

Thanks again - glad you are enjoying the time. Too bad class isn't better. Love MAW

Mamio Andretti said...

well, it's still early enough in the session to turn things around, and it sounds like you already did some great improv with the clay!! keep on smilin at them and they won't notice just how strict you are :D