Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MuD FesTival

Mud/Sun block

Err Trusty boats?

A friendly woman

Birthday blisssss

That's fireworks over the water

Who's BAD?

This past weekend we hightailed it up country by bus to catch the Mud Festival in Boryeoung.
It was really hot and the beach was huge. I was expecting it to be a woodstock type field but was pleasantly surprised to find a nice open beach with Mud stands and inflatable mud filled jousting rings and huge slides. There was a main stage with some bands. The whole town was alive.

On the ocean, the town off the beach reminded me much of the Jersey shore isles. Little bungalow houses stacked near each other and plenty of outdoor food eateries. 

Ana, our friend John, and I took advantage of the sea food. Fresh fresh seafood. Cooking up live clams and eating our hearts out. Funny note, John being a buddhist was complaining about a mosquito in his room that he religiously couldn't kill, but enjoyed every bit of Clam that stirred and spit inside their shells as they boiled alive.

So our summer camps our coming up which means we will be working 6 days a week for 3 weeks, during which Evan , Laura, and Linda are coming to visit. And after that we are off to Vietnam for a week.  

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Anonymous said...

Oh, YAY, finally a new post to your blog!!! Looked like a fun weekend. Too bad about the 6days/week schedule that's upon you, especially when Evan & Laura will be there:( - I miss you both - Love MAW