Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baseball in Busan

Saturday we went to Busan with a couple of fellow foreigners to see a baseball game.  They are just as crazy in South Korea about baseball as home if not more.  The stadium was packed and we had to stand way up at the top of the stadium for the game.  We were trying to guess the size of the stadium and think it hold maybe 15-20,000 people.  Our team lost:( but it was lots of fun anyway.  We also met some people from New York who know people that we know from New York small world! They are from Pohang which is about an hour north of Busan.  So, we went out to eat with them at a Kabapistan, Turkish food, place.  The food was super yummy and the streets of Busan are quite packed, it looks like a party is going on all the time!  Out to drinks after dinner, unfortunately our fellow New Yorkers had to go because the last bus to Pohang is at 10:30pm.  We stayed out for a little while and our friend who used to live in Busan showed us a cool bar.  We couldn't stay too long either because the last bus back to Jinju is at 12:10am.  There was some concern about making the bus but we made it with time to spare!  We will definitely be making some trips back to Busan it's a very exciting city and there is a lot more to explore.

Video at the game, this doesn't even capture how crazy it can get!
Some friends from the New York area (I don't know what I'm doing with my face!)

Gus at the game


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Wow that was great - the video was a nice addition! Those beers looked quite long! What fun! So, that's Gus, hah? So glad you're making so many friends! It was FANTASTIC talking to you on the phone. Can't wait to do it again:)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! So you met some 'mercan's', new yorkers no less, at the b.ball come that doesnt suprise me! NY, baseball, apple pie.ty.yeah!
the night life and eats all sound like lots of fun and adventure ie eating the unfamiliar foods! there wouldnt be much i'd turn down!!
i was intrigued with your comment in the previous post about getting your alien card...maybe the koreans could give us some advice on how to get a handle on the 'aliens' in our country!! thats the first thing that came to my mind! glad youre officially legal over there now!!
take care and be safe!