Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Now the Adventure Really Begins

Arrived here in Jinju late Sunday night, about 1245am. Tried to set up the apartment a little bit but we had to get to bed because work started on Monday. It's a good thing we don't start until 130pm we were worried about waking up because I blew-up the alarm clock when I tried to plug it in(oops!). You'll never believe but Michael and I were up at 715am the next day. Tested out the new funky shower, it's not separated from the rest of the bathroom, hard to explain. Then we found a grocery store didn't buy quite enough food we need to go back already. After some more exploring we found a mountain trail that has an outdoor gym at the top, pretty cool. A 10 min walk in the opposite direction of our apartment brings us down to the river where there is a strip of cool looking restaurants. Well, we are soon off to our second day of classes, hopefully it will go just as well as the first day!

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HunterSocProgram said...

ana! mike sent me this link to your blog! so cool you are doing your thing over there, you must be pretty excited that its all finally happened. i know what you mean about the shower/toilet/sink haha i stayed in a room in greece that was like that. good luck dealing with that for a year haha. but honestly, hope youre having an awesome time.