Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday Monday Recap.



Our Walk home (pictures are in reverse order)

Riverside Study

Jingyang Lake from the Pavilion

Pavilion overlooking the lake

Trail beside the lake

So this past weekend we walked and walked. Saturday around the downtown parts of the city and Sunday we walked west towards Jingyang Lake which is the build up behind the dammed part of the Nam river. Like the croton reservoir, it just filled up the quarry between hills and mountains. Very Scenic. 
We got a clothes steamer and a floor steamer(?) anonymously mailed to us. I am assuming from the school, which was nice, because wrinkled clothes and a dirty floor is no good. Ana's testing it out right now. I dont think it works very well. A vacuum would have been better. 
Anyway. Monday was a long day. We showed up extra early to prepare handouts for all our classes, and after class we we're there till about 9:30 doing silly paperwork; lesson plans for all our classes for the next five weeks! And we're still not finished, we just left. 


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I loved the hopscotch path! Thanks for sharing - enjoy your day:) love, Maw Caroline

Mamio Andretti said...

Bamboo! ever awesome, but not as much as the pics of the lake. . . poor tired kiddies working OT in an exotic beautiful place. . .and more to come (all us stuck back at home are waiting anxiously)

AZ said...

Just read through the blog history..enjoy reading the stories about all the exploring, shopping, dining, teaching..imagining how you are soaking up all that you encounter about a totally new culture and society..AND teach the korean children english, as you are learning THEIR language (which you are probably learning faster than you thought!). michael and ana, i truely admire your zeal!
the pictures of the area are cool, the countryside beautiful. Have a good time with all you do..and may God bless and keep you safe!
looking forward to future postings!
love paula..pomerene,az