Monday, April 14, 2008

Missing Wine

Well, another day another dollar...but no wine.  Eating dinner tonight I was really craving some wine but when I went into a wine store the other day the prices were outrageous.  Approximately $40 for a bottle of Jacob's Creek wine wow! I already knew that when I came over but unfortunately I didn't have enough room or weight to bring any with me:( Oh well.

Now, onto more fun things! Jinyangho (lake).  Mikey and I walked there yesterday, quite a ways a couple miles I'd say, it took us almost an hour to walk there I think.  We hiked around half of the lake and then got some ice cream and started back.  I got this weird ice cream that is made by filling a balloon up...very interesting.  Anyway onto the pictures!

hmmm...well it's being very slow....more later. I hope I've wet your appetite!

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Anonymous said...

Oh YAY - That was great! Can I ship you some wine??? Dr. Savitz and Theresa are here with me looking at all your pics. Have a great day and keep the blog coming:) Love you both and miss you both - Maw/Caroline