Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Korea Holy Sh*t!

Ana cooking our first breakfast

We live right off this street

Just got my computer last night! (That was an ordeal)

Looking across the river.

Near the Nam river. (Namsang)

The pagoda greeting you at the Mountain base.

Our first morning

View from our kitchen window

Checking it out
Unpacking. (there's a second bedroom. Visitors welcome!)

So there's been lot's of craziness here. Typical craziness I guess for relocating half way around the world. Our apartment is pretty nice. Flourescent lights though :(

We've been working out at this gym/rec area out in the open woods on the top of a mountain.
The mountain base is only a couple of blocks or a five minute walk behind our apartment. Five minutes in the other direction and your in the bustling city near restaurants and the river.

The Koreans are very graceful exercisers. In America it's typical to go to the gym and bust your ass at maximum levels. But they have a different attitude and it is reflected in the design of their machinery.

We hung out with an older South African gentleman last night named Gus. He's pretty angry about things. He spent seven years in Taiwan teaching and has his forearm mangled because he got blind sided by a bus riding his motor scooter. He teaches the adults at the same University as us. Nice guy, I think we're going to play some version of golf today with him.

Today is a holiday! They have some local elections so I'm writing from bed on this Weds. morning at 9:23 am.

Korea has many smells. Mostly on the streets it's the smells of garbage and the sewers in between waves of good smelling food. Get off the streets and it's like anywhere else. Mountains are everywhere. Their sanitation system is much unlike America, at least where I'm from.

Oh yeah teaching is pretty hard work. But! getting through to kids is very rewarding. Our management is pretty unorganized so we're really going to have to take our lessons into our own hands. It's fighting the tide because our given schedules only allow us to see the same class once a week and we have 4-6 classes everyday. There are so many different groups that are really bored with the material/curriculum. They just say Teach! Well, much later. Annyong-haseyo!

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i like how koreans work out. i want a piece of their machinery.