Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Why do you say Wends-day but spell it Wed-nes-day?
Because english is dumb, that's why.
Today was a long day as you may be able to tell. 

Not much new going on except lot's of paper work. That means staying until 9pm filling out report cards on each and every student. It is business. We are told to go easy on them, so we mark them with As and Bs no matter what. Parents pay big money and they don't want to hear that their kid doesn't know squat about english.  

Well isn't that my job? Yes. However I can only do so much. When one of your students is walking around with the fire extinguisher, or has their sock on their hand and is making funny noises, you kind of lose the rest of the class. 

I would say that maybe 10-15% of the masses enrolled in private english schools are actually going to be able to speak it well. Maybe 5% of that will use it for any good.

Something funny about monday. I was filling out a report card in red ink and I submitted it to my supervisor and she called to me with a careful voice. "Mike, In Korea it is really bad to write someone's name in red ink. I cannot show this to Helen's parents. If you write someone's name in red ink it means you want them to die."

Isn't that something? I actually already knew that , and really just wanted that person to die..........just kidding:) 


Anonymous said...

Oh - I hope your Thursday goes better - at least it's one of your shorter days. When I went to Nursing School, the instructor announced that NO ONE will be getting an A immediately, because if you did, then where do you go from there? It was a good point! And then how would you explain if they went down to a B, or C?! So, you can always mail your Maw a big RED heart and make her happy:) - Love MAW!

Anonymous said...

Wow..and i thought inner city teachers had it rough! Obviously the korean kids dont understand the origins of our language..thats a whole other subject in itself! despite the craziness in your classrooms, maybe it would be comforting to know that if out of the 5-15%, just one of your students will make a difference in this world, then all the craziness will be well worth it! yes, you can only do so much..just realise youre doing the best that you can! and what a learning experience for you two!
Hang in there...