Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm having my absentee ballot mailed to our apt. in Korea. I'm voting for Obama.  It's my first time ever voting for a President. I'm not sure if it matters being registered in NY after Hillary won the NY Primary. Does my vote count?  Obama is what America is all about. Hillary is a Clinton and we've already had that. Mcain is very far away from any modern American ideal. 
So any feed back on this? 


person said...

i sense sentiments of a man who won't be back in america for a long time, though i've never met anyone like that.

the primaries are not over my friend. you'll catch window of the final rounds between hillary and obama. that's what this race is all about right now.

that's some great nationalism, sending your absentee ballot to korea preemptively.

do expect a different view of america, held from under the skies of korea.

i feel like it's out of the people's hands, as to who is chosen to be on the democratic ticket - only a few states are left, pennsylvania is a big one.

Mamio Andretti said...

i agree with miles, we don't know who our candidate will be, but i agree with you, it won't be McCain (sp?)

eggonautica said...

stupid obama