Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Saturday

This is not uncommon for dept. stores

Me Sunny, Strawberry, and Rose

A Lonely Bull


Ana (not Sarah Conner)

Sunny, Strawberry, and Rose

Not hard to forget your American here

Ana doing her thing

So Jinju is a lot more active on the weekends. They are not afraid to laugh in your face or be extra kind to you. Quite a paradox. Today was fun by the way. And! if you need a taxi home just say "Jinju Gyo Yuk Da Hak Yo"


Unknown said...

Bill says "hi", Jude says, "will we have to see pics of Bamboo! for every outing you go on?"

caroline said...

Ohhhh, how cool - glad to see an update. Looks cool & breezy there? Is that a cactus you have for a new house plant? Glad you both are having a great time - enjoy and look forward to more pictures . . . can you give more details on your outings??? Love Maw

person said...

...department store looks fun